• Smart class will improve teacher efficiency and productivity in class
  • Smart class brings theoretical and complicated curriculum concepts to life inside classrooms
  • Smart class makes learning an pleasant familiarity for students
  • Improves academic performance of students
  • Enables immediate formative assessment of learning outcomes in class room itself
  • It also enables teachers to instantly review and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class
  • All applications are modified based on client’s requirements
  • Customer requirement based applications
  • IT Solutions create Matrimonial applications, Travel Booking, Online Journals and etc
  • IT Solutions use to create web applications through latest technologies
  • The ability to update and maintain web applications without distributing and installing software
  • Common web applications include web mail, online retail sales, online auctions and many other functions

Complete registration of working hours (clocking in/out, including breaks)

  • Possibility to use multiple TA terminals inside one network
  • Clocking with fingerprint, RFID badge and/or pin code
  • Easy wall-mounting
  • Door-access control and alarm sensor enabled
  • Clocking with user-definable work- and project codes (holiday, projects etc)
  • Real-time access to the log data via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection
  • Including Time Attendance Software with comprehensive reporting functions
  • Clear 3.5” colour TFT display with user-friendly graphical interface
  • Extensive filter function per employee / department
  • Numeric keypad, navigation keys and 8 programmable function keys
  • Exact calculation of worked hours / overtime

Available to adjust the seat quantity on main software

  • Dual control by teacher computer and mobile keyboard
  • Long time live recording
  • Roll call function
  • Dual control by computer and mobile keyboard
  • Teacher can explain to one program and student can hear the explanation and program at the same time
  • Available to output the sound to external speakers
  • Teacher can set class time and examination time
  • Projector system with screen and required accessories
  • Teacher can authorize student to choose one program by themselves
  • Teacher can force student to listen one program